Production Management

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Learning Outcomes

After the successful completion of this course, the students will have learnt

  • to describe production systems as well as the objectives and tasks of production planning and control,
  • to model and evaluate production processes,
  • to explain the economic foundation and conceptual elements of hierarchical production planning,
  • to apply basic methods of procurement and production planning as well as manufacturing control,
  • to depict the architecture of information systems for integrated production planning and control, and
  • to state the principles of Lean Production and Smart Manufacturing and to follow them for the design of real production systems.


Chapter 1: Production systems and production planning
1.1 Production processes and production systems
1.2 Target system of production management
1.3 Performance analysis of production systems
1.4 Planning, control, and organization of production systems

Chapter 2: Foundations of production planning
2.1 Production economics
2.2 Hierarchical planning
2.3 Coping with uncertainty

Chapter 3: Design of framework conditions
3.1 Strategic potentials
3.2 Strategic planning
3.3 Configuration planning

Chapter 4: Aggregate production planning
4.1 Master production scheduling
4.2 Aggregate personnel capacity planning
4.3 Aggregate project scheduling

Chapter 5: Materials requirements planning
5.1 Classification of materials
5.2 Materials requirements forecast
5.3 Materials requirements calculation

Chapter 6: Lot-sizing
6.1 Inventory management
6.2 Deterministic static models
6.3 Deterministic dynamic models
6.4 Stochastic models

Chapter 7: Production scheduling
7.1 Rough-cut capacity planning
7.2 Detailed scheduling
7.3 Mixed-model line balancing and sequencing
7.4 Manufacturing control methods

Chapter 8: Business application systems for production planning and control
8.1 PPC and ERP systems
8.2 Advanced Planning systems
8.3 Manufacturing Execution systems

Chapter 9: Lean Production and Smart Manufacturing
9.1 Value stream orientation
9.2 Quality assurance and maintenance
9.3 Staff and supplier development
9.4 Kaizen and continuous improvement
9.5 Smart Manufacturing


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