Our department offers experience in data collection and/or data analysis for scholars, practitioners and industry in different contexts (branch):

    • Meta-analysis (DFG-Project ME-WE-THEM)
    • Conjoint-analysis (Research project of Corporate Resiliance – German language only)
    • Automated, self-learning market reporting (Automotive suppliers)
    • Chatbots (Automotive suppliers)
    • Consumer preference measurement (Retail, drugstores)
    • Customer satisfaction reporting (Automotive)
    • Implicit measurement (Retail, food)
    • Multichannel and online attribution modelling (Automotive)
    • Personnel market research (Software developer)
    • Qualitative Comparative Analysis (Retail, food)
    • Qualitative in-depth interviews (Automotive and aircraft manufacturing suppliers)
    Please feel free to contact us for further information and support via

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