Teaching focuses on connecting scholarly research with practice and relevance for students at various levels, e.g. bachelor, master, PhD. We further aim to integrate both, marketing entrepreneurial aspects into the training of future managers and applied researchers.


We provide the following courses:

  • Digital Marketing (winter term, English): Digital Marketing is a lecture about phenomena in marketing practice and research related to the evolution of internet-driven technologies. The audience can gain knowledge about recent trends and developments. Link
  • Relationship Management (summer term, English): In modern management, customer relationship management is widely misunderstood as a software-driven approach to store information about customers and use that data for marketing purposes. However, this approach sharply neglects the fundamental principle of customer orientation in marketing. Hence, customer-driven approaches like relationship marketing or service dominant logic were proposed. This lecture introduces and deepens the understanding of customer-driven approaches as tools of relationship management within a digitalized and connected business context. Link
  • SPSS (winter term, German): SPSS is a seminar for students with basic knowledge in market research and aims at applying this knowledge to given datasets. Students become familiar with the software SPSS and are able to apply important methods based on SPSS. This seminar is scheduled as a block event. Link
  • Method Lab (summer term, German): Method lab is a seminar for students with basic knowledge in market research and aims at conducting a self-prepared data collection. Students plan, implement and analyze this data collection under a given general topic. This seminar is scheduled as a block event. Link
  • IKEA (winter term, one-time seminar, German): IKEA is a seminar for students who want to detail on the use of instruments in marketing from a best-practice perspective. IKEA is known for cleverly designing and executing a bunch of marketing instruments in order to maximize their effectiveness and efficiency. Students are practically introduced to those instruments on a field trip in IKEA and thereafter evaluate them on multiple stages. Link
  • Introduction to Cost accounting and investment (Einführung in Kosten- und Wirtschaftlichkeitsrechnung, summer term 2017, 2019 and 2020 only, German): EKWR (abbreviation) is a basic lecture for non-economic students and provides insights into basics of cost accounting and investment. Link


Application process

Theses, either on bachelor, master or PhD level, completed at our department take care of the aforementioned research foci. Applications for a thesis can be made at any time. A detailed document (in German) highlighting major aspects can be downloaded in my profile via Stud.IP under the following link: Link

Please send your application to A final decision on as to whether an applicant is allowed to write her/his thesis and receive supervision is regularly sent within 48 hours after application.


External theses or doctorates have been prepared with the following companies:

  • Accenture Deutschland, Berlin – Social media marketing
  • Daimler AG, Stuttgart – Digital branding
  • Pierburg Rheinmetall Automotive, Neuss – Relationship management
  • MHP Management- und IT-Beratung, Wolfsburg – Online retail
  • Wasserverband Kinzig – Success factor research

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