Introduction to Business Research

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Learning Outcomes

After the successful completion of this course, the students will

  • be familiar with subject topics, terms of reference, concepts, methods, and techniques of the functional areas that constitute the management, the sales and operations, and the financial sectors of the firm: organization, human resources, procurement, production, sales, investment and financing, as well as accounting,
  • be able to describe the different legal forms of companies and to specify and explain corporate taxation, and
  • be trained to structure general plannning and decision-making processes and apply suitable models and techniques in solving operational planning and decision-making issues.


Chapter 1: Issues in business economics
Chapter 2: Legal forms and corporate taxes
Chapter 3: Planning
Chapter 4: Decision making
Chapter 5: Organization
Chapter 6: Human resources
Chapter 7: Procurement
Chapter 8: Production
Chapter 9: Sales and marketing
Chapter 10: Investment and finance
Chapter 11: Accounting


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