Modeling and Design of Logistics Systems

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Learning Outcomes

After the successful completion of this course, the students will

  • have acquired an overview of components, designs, and operating modes of intralogistic and interplant logistics systems,
  • be familiar with the basic modeling, analysis, and planning approaches of mathematical programming, discrete event simulation, and queueing theory,
  • be able to apply these to facility location and layout planning problems as well as to the design of production and material flow systems, and
  • be prepared to design real-world systems in inbound, manufacturing, and outbound logistics, following the model-based design approach.


Chapter 1: Logistics systems and model-based design
1.1 Elements of logistics management
1.2 Intralogistic systems
1.3 Intraplant logistics systems
1.4 Model-based design of logistics systems

Chapter 2: Facility location and layout planning
2.1 Facility location in the plane
2.2 Facility location in distribution networks
2.3 Hub-location problems
2.4 Layout planning

Chapter 3: Design of production systems
3.1 Design for job-shop manufacturing
3.2 Design for line manufacturing
3.3 Design for cellular manufacturing

Chapter 4: Design of material flow systems
4.1 Design of conveying systems
4.2 Warehouse design


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