Operations Management I

Illustration: 123rf/Jörg Schiemann

Learning Outcomes

After the successful completion of this course, the students will be able

  • to model and analytically evaluate production processes,
  • to describe the objectives system and the tasks of operational production planning and control and to locate the tasks in the architecture of PPC systems,
  • to apply advanced methods of material requirements planning, lot-sizing, and segment-specific order scheduling and production control, and
  • to depict and implement the principles of Lean Production in the organization of industrial manufacturing systems.


Chapter 1: Fundamentals
1.1 Production processes
1.2 Production planning
1.3 Information systems for production planning
1.4 Tasks and tools of Operations Management

Chapter 2: Materials requirements planning
2.1 Classification of consumable resources
2.2 Materials requirements forecasts
2.3 Explosion calculus and MRP method

Chapter 3: Planning order quantities and lot-sizes
3.1 Warehousing and inventory control
3.2 Deterministic static models
3.3 Deterministic dynamic single-level models
3.4 Deterministic dynamic multi-level models
3.5 Stochastic models

Chapter 4: Segment-specific order scheduling and production control
4.1 Rough-cut capacity planning in single-item and small-batch production
4.2 Machine scheduling in series production
4.3 Line balancing and sequencing in mixed-model line production
4.4 Methods of production control

Chapter 5: Lean Production and TPS
5.1 The value stream approach
5.2 Quality assurance and maintenance
5.3 Development of human resources and suppliers
5.4 Kaizen and continuous improvement


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