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Bachelor of Science

Degree: Bachelor of Science - Management (undergraduate)
Duration: 6 semester
Entry requirements: A secondary school (highschool) degree comparable to the German
foreign students: good skills in German language
Starting semster: It is recommended to start in october (wintersemester)
Apply until: October 15th for wintersemester (resp. april 15th for summersemester)

The course of study "Bachelor of Science" has been developed at the Clausthal University of Technology, in order to meet the changed demand on the jobmarket.

  • The program
    During this course of study students are taught in business science, economics and law as well as mathematics, statistics and computer science.
  • Degree
    After having successfully graduated, students will be awarded the academic degree "Bachelor of Science in Business Administration". With this globally acknowledged university dergree graduates are well prepared for international jobmarkets.
  • Perspective
    Undergraduate (Bachelor) students are allowed to choose to deepen their knowledge with the course of study "Master of Science in Technical Management" which takes four additional semester.

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