About us

Welcome to the websites of the Department of Market Research!

This junior professorship for Management and Market Research sees itself as research-based and methods-based department of the University of Technology Clausthal.

Our research focuses on traditional and novel methods of analyzing consumers, managers and students via surveys, tests and observations contributing to disciplines like marketing, entrepreneurship, information systems and innovation management. Psychometric applications of structural equation modeling and meta analysis are of particular interest in our research. Please visit our profiles on researchgate.net  for details. 

Our teaching follows a student-centric and applied approach on management, assisting students to be better prepared for practice and research. Further, the department's teaching deals with the challenges through digital evolution, for example modern approaches to marketing and digital business models. Please refer to "Teaching" for details.

Theses, either on bachelor, master or PhD level, completed at our department take care of the aforementioned foci. Applications for a thesis can be made at any time. Please refer to "Theses" for details.



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