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Library of the Institute of Management and Economics

Julius-Albert-Straße 2 (Tannenhöhe)
Raum 212
Phone: +49 5323 72 7607

Terms of Lending

Books can be lend during opening hours. Handbooks, journals and encyclopaedias are excepted from lending. They may be copied in the library (0,10€ per copy). Every book can be lend for eight weeks without the possibility of prolongation.

Literature research

Our inventory can be found at the subcatalogue of institute library. Further literature can be found at catalogue of university library using access to the university network.

A few links about further literature research:

Reminder Charges

The same conditions as in the library of the university apply to the library of the institute. The reminder charges are graded as follows:

  • 1st Reminder 2,00€
  • 2nd Reminder 5,00€ (additional)
  • 3rd Reminder 10,00€ (additional)

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