Department of Management and Leadership

The Department of Management and Leadership was established in April 1999 and has since been led by Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Pfau.

The Department's teaching and research focus lies on corporate strategic management, in particular considering the increasing globalization and the dynamics of markets, as well as the growing importance of knowledge as a resource.

In our lectures and courses on personnel management and management organization, strategic management, international management, knowledge management, business model management and management consulting, students develop the necessary skills and knowledge to successfully manage companies. Our lectures especially emphasize qualitative management methods and their implementation. Already during their studies, our students experience the application of management methods first hand in seminars conducted in cooperation with local companies from different sectors.

The current research activities focus on

  • knowledge management,
  • strategic management,
  • international management, and
  • business model management.

The focus of knowledge management is the analysis and goal-oriented development of knowledge management processes, especially the generation, evaluation and transfer of knowledge as a result of learning processes in companies and beyond. Strategic management focuses on the analysis and development of strategies and their implementation, hybrid competitive strategies in particular. In international management we pay special attention to determining success factors for developing international corporate strategies, especially considering flexibility. Business model management pays attention in particular to aspects like adjustment and flexibilization of business models and business model innovation and digitalization.