Call for Abstracts: AG MARKETING meets AG DANK

We are pleased to host a joint meeting of the Working Groups AG MARKETING and AG DANK at Clausthal University of Technology from 7th to 8th October 2022, hosted under the umbrella of the GfKl (Gesellschaft für Klassifikation e. V.). All interested researchers and practitioners are cordially invited to submit abstracts.

The AG MARKETING and AG DANK call for research in the field of data analysis in marketing or data analysis and classification. The overarching topic is “Responsible Data Analysis and Machine Learning” – however, presentations do not necessarily have to deal with this subject.

Thus, the list of topics in quantitative marketing is open far beyond the areas of price, product, communication or distribution policy, innovation management, consumer behavior, digital marketing or heterogeneity research. Both application-oriented marketing and market research as well as purely conceptual or methodological studies are welcome at AG MARKETING!

On the part of the AG DANK, presentations can be dedicated to different topics of statistical data analysis in general (such as classification and other learning methods, causal and correlation analyses, model building and evaluation, explorative methods, data mining and others). Thereby, a wide variety of application areas are welcome.

A contingent of rooms at the hotels “Zum Prinzen” as well as “Zum Harzer” is available for participants until September 5, 2022. Please indicate the keyword “Klassifikation” when booking.