The Institute of Economics is a scientific institution of Clausthal University of Technology under the responsibility of the Faculty of Energy and Economic Sciences. The structure of the Institute comprises

Board of Directors

The Institute is managed by a Board of Directors. This consists of three members of the university lecturers' group who have been elected by the members of the university lecturers' group working at the Institute from among their number. They also elect a member of the Board of Directors to head the Institute. The term of office of the Board of Directors is three years. The current Board of Directors has been in office since May 1, 2023. The Managing Director from the employee status group participates in meetings of the Board of Directors without voting rights.

Prof. Dr. Fabian Paetzel

Institute management

Prof. Dr. Fabian Paetzel

Phone: +49 (5323) 72 - 7630 Fax: +49 (5323) 72 - 7639


Prof. Dr. Winfried Steiner


Prof. Dr. Winfried Steiner

Phone: +49 (5323) 72 - 7650 Fax: +49 (5323) 72 - 7659

Dominic Jung, M.A.

Managing Director

Dominic Jung, M. A.

Phone: +49 (5323) 72 - 7683


The Institute is divided into the following departments to fulfill its tasks:

Contact persons at the institute