Seminar papers and theses


In this pdf-file you can find general information and important tips for your Bachelor, Diploma or Master thesis as well as for seminar papers.

To support you in formatting your paper or thesis, here are document templates for LaTex and Word.

Offers of the departments

Information on seminar papers and theses can be obtained with the respective department.


Management and Market Research

Prof. Dr. Thomas Niemand


Behavioral Management & Economics

Prof. Dr. Matthias Greiff

Seminar papers and theses

Management and Environmental Economics

Prof. Dr. Heike Y. Schenk-Mathes

Final Theses

Management and Digital Transformation

Dr. Dennis Steininger


Management and Marketing

Prof. Dr. Winfried Steiner

Final papers

Operations Management Group

Prof. Dr. Christoph Schwindt


Management and Business Research

Prof. Dr. Jürgen Zimmermann 

Seminar papers and theses

Management and Leadership

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Pfau


Management and Corporate Accounting

Prof. Dr. Inge Wulf

Seminar papers and theses


Dr. Christoph Bühren


Economics and Macroeconomics

Prof. Dr. Roland Menges