The Economic Seminar is an integral part of the Regulatory Statutes of all economic and management programs. The offers change every semester in order to cover a broad variety of subjects. The assignment of seminar places is organized centrally to provide all students with the same chance for a seminar place. This page informs you about the registration procedure and the offers. You can register for a seminar place within a limited period of time via Stud.IP. For this, please follow announcements on this website, by e-mail or on Stud.IP.

Central registration procedure

The registration procedure for an economic seminar ("seminar" in the following) takes place in the semester prior to the semester of the seminar. Thus, the registration for a seminar in the summer semester already takes place in the previous winter semester - the registration for a seminar in the winter semester in the previous summer semester. The registration period takes place within the last quarter of a lecture period.

Interested students should register for the current information event on Stud.IP:

The registration procedure as well as all information beyond this page is in German language only.

In order to successfully register for a seminar place, students may need to complete several steps on Stud.IP (registration for the desired seminar, registration on the waiting list, registration for an optional seminar or registration to exclude English seminars). These steps are subject to the demand for individual seminars in the respective semester. Current regulations and the arising registration procedure will be announced in a documentation together with the number of seminar places available.

Current seminar offers

Each semester, seminars in German and English for Bachelor and Master students are offered following demand. The offers are updated at the beginning of the last quarter of the lecture period and thus shortly before the seminar registration. Please direct content-related questions to the respective departments. 

Seminars in summer semester 2022

Name of the Seminar (Lecturer)LanguageStudy programAdditional informationRegistration course
Gleichheit, Gerechtigkeit und Wohlfahrt (Prof. Dr. Menges)GermanBachelor & MasterAnnouncementStud.IP
Seminar Verhaltensökonomik (Prof. Dr. Paetzel)German (English can be chosen)Bachelor & MasterAnnouncementStud.IP
Unternehmensführung in Krisenzeiten (Prof. Dr. Pfau)GermanMasterAnnouncementStud.IP
Unternehmensführung in Krisenzeiten (Prof. Dr. Pfau)GermanBachelorAnnouncementStud.IP
Methoden und Anwendungen des maschinellen Lernens (Prof. Dr. Schwindt)GermanMasterAnnouncementStud.IP
Planspiel TOPSIM – Logistics (Prof. Dr. Schwindt)GermanBachelorAnnouncementStud.IP
Business Simulation Going Global (Dr. Wabia)EnglishMasterAnnouncementStud.IP
Audit Insights (Prof. Dr. Wulf)GermanBachelor & MasterAnnouncementStud.IP

Please note that you can register for seminars by registering for the registration course on Stud.IP (see central registration procedure). The deadlines for registration can be found in the following.

Application deadlines

For seminars in summer semester 2022

End of demand evaluationNovember 19, 2021, 11:59 p.m.
Start of seminar registrationJanuary 28, 2022, 8:00 p.m.
End of seminar registration & opening of the waiting listJanuary 30, 2022, 12:00 p.m.
Closing of the waiting listFebruary 2, 2022, 11:59 p.m.