Experiments performed

On this page you will find a short overview of the research experiments performed at the ExECUTe so far.

Research experiments

2018Self-commitment on social preferences in a dictator game with role and endowment uncertaintyEconomics
2015Explanatory and predictive power of the adaptive learning model: average and heterogeneous behavior in a newsvendor contextManagement
2015Choice overload and attractiveness bias - willingness to pay for information in risk decisionsManagement
2014Complex methods for measuring risk attitudes in practical implementationManagement
2014Elicitation of Risk Preferences: Complexity Versus AccuracyManagement
2013 - 2014Relative performance competitions with the possibility of fraud in comparison to individual payManagement
2013Direct and Indirect Constraints for Decision-Making and the Impact on Agent BehaviorManagement
2012 - 2014Experiments on the Mechanism Design ApproachEconomics
2012 - 2013Experiments on Vertical IntegrationEconomics
2011Order quantity behavior under discrete demand distribution and cognitive reflectionManagement
2011Willingness to Pay for Imperfect Information: Evidence from a Newsvendor ProblemManagement
2009 - 2014Experiments on the Reference Point ApproachEconomics
2009Decision behavior under asymmetric demand distribution and quasi-continuous demandManagement
2006Extrinsic Intangible Incentives and Team Production (2)Management
2005Fairness and Reciprocity in Principal-Agent Relationships IIManagement/Economics
2005Use of a finite resourceEconomics
2005Fairness and Reciprocity in Principal-Agent-Relationships IManagement/Economics
2005Use of a finite resourceEconomics
2004Groves mechanism and profit sharing in comparisonManagement
2004Supply behavior in shrinking marketsEconomics
2004Extrinsic Intangible Incentives and Team Production (1)Management
2003Manipulation in the Groves mechanismManagement
2003Specific investments and hold-upEconomics
 Experiments on innovation behaviorEconomics
 Experiments on Fiscal IllusionEconomics