Generally, students need to provide their transcript of records (overview of grades) to prove that their Bachelor's or Master's study focus meets the following requirements:

Study ProgramCourses of the Department
Bachelor program Business Administrationone mandatory or mandatory elective course, or one seminar
Master program Technical Business Administrationone mandatory elective course or one seminar
Bachelor program Business and Engineeringone mandatory or mandatory elective course, or one seminar
Master program Business and Engineringone mandatory elective course or one seminar
Other study programsone mandatory or mandatory elective course, or one seminar

Exceptions from the a.m. requirements can be made for external theses.

Topics and Organizational Matters

At the Department of Management and Operations Research you can work on Bachelor or Master theses as well as study and diploma theses related to our current research work and projects. For example, you can choose from the following topics:

  • Project management and project planning, e.g.:
    • Project selection and project planning under resource constraints
    • Resource management and resource allocation
    • Risk management for projects
  • Production planning, e.g.:
    • Scheduling, capacity and machine allocation planning
    • Simulation of production and logistics processes
    • Layout planning
  • Personnel planning, e.g.:
    • Creation of duty rosters
    • Use of shift models, working time accounts
    • Evaluation of flexibility instruments
  • Logistics, e.g.:
    • Location planning
    • Distribution planning, especially route planning
  • Applications of Operations Research in the energy sector, e.g.:
    • Optimization models for the deployment planning of power plants
    • Integration of fluctuating power generation systems into resource planning
    • Mapping and coordination of storage technologies
  • Methods of Operations Research, e.g.:
    • Exact optimization methods such as branch-and-bound methods
    • Heuristic optimization methods such as genetic algorithms

If you are interested in writing a thesis with us, please submit your application. Your application should include the proposal form and an up-to-date transcript of records.

To help you find a topic, you will find a list of topics currently available, topics in-progress, and previously worked on topics on our pages. On the application form, you can also indicate the topic area that appeals to you most.

In case you would like to write a practical thesis at a company, please attach a short synopsis to your application, which clearly shows the thematic proximity to one of our main research areas.

Since not all available topics are announced online, you are welcome to contact Prof. Zimmermann or the scientific staff for further topics.