Seminar papers and theses

Unfortunately, you can no longer apply for thesis supervision for winter semester 2021/22. However, you are welcome to submit requests for summer semester 2022. ---

Important notes:

Applications for thesis supervision in the winter semester should be completed and sent to by October 1 at the latest, or by March 15 of the respective year for supervision in summer semester. 'First come, first serve' applies. Should the capacity limits be reached in the respective semesters, which may already be the case before the specified dates, this will be communicated on this page.

Students who have already completed a seminar at the Department will be preferably supervised.

If you do not have topic preferences, you can find currently advertised topics of the Department under theses proposals.

Please note that the described chronological procedure for the preparation of Bachelor's and Master's theses must be strictly adhered to. A deviation can lead to the refusal of the supervision of the thesis. A list of advertised topics and completed theses can be found in the references. Please follow the instructions for writing scientific theses right from the start.

  1. Submit the request to write a thesis (see 2.) at least one semester before the intended starting date. You will receive the acceptance or rejection during the current semester.
  2. Completion of the form for the request for the supervision of a thesis. (An installed email program (Thunderbird, Outlook) is required to use the send-function, otherwise please send the form by e-mail to Ms. Wuttke-Klein).
  3. Acceptance or rejection of the request after internal review by the Department.
  4. Initial meeting on the basis of the inquiry (date will be communicated by the Department).
  5. Registration of the thesis at the examination office by the student.
  6. Completion of the exposé form by the student and sending it to the supervisor of the Department.
  7. Second discussion on the basis of the exposé (date will be communicated by the Department). Determination of the outline, the deadline and the title of the thesis.
  8. Editing phase according to APO. Please follow the instructions for writing scientific papers.
  9. Submission of the bound thesis to the examination office (single-sided DinA4; number of copies depending on APO; send a searchable PDF version to the supervisor).
  10. The student should contact the secretary's office to arrange a date for the colloquium (3 weeks after submission at the earliest), stating the name of the supervisor.
  11. Holding of the colloquium (preparation of a 10 to max. 15-minute presentation on the thesis) in the presence of Prof. Dr. Pfau and the respective supervisor(s). It is recommended to use the presentation template (PowerPoint version of 19.05.2014).
  12. Send the colloquium presentation to the supervisor on the day of the colloquium at the latest.
  13. Announcement of the results by the examination office.