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Prof. Dr. Winfried Steiner

Prof. Dr. Winfried Steiner


Secretary's Office: Beate Knoll
Phone: +49 (5323) 72 - 7655


Forschungsmonitoring: Prof. Steiner unter den forschungsstärksten Betriebswirten


Prof. Steiner among the business economists with the most research achievements

In the current Business Administration Ranking 2019, conducted by the Business Cycle Research Centre of ETH Zurich in cooperation with the Düsseldorf Institute for Competition Economics, Prof. Steiner was listed 479th (out of a total of 2983 people) in the evaluation of recent research achievements since 2014. This places him in the approximately top 15 percent of the most research-intensive business economists of the German-speaking area (German, Austrian and Swiss universities). The BWL ranking for individual researchers is based on the VHB-JOURQUAL ranking established in the field of business administration in the current version 3.0 and evaluates publications of scientists in peer-reviewed economic journals. However, some top journals in which Prof. Steiner has published (e.g. Journal of Business and Economic Statistics, Impact Factor: 2.115; Journal of Applied Econometrics, Impact Factor: 2.336) are not included in the VHB-JOURQUAL 3.0 ranking.

In the Lifetime Ranking, which takes into account all publications of a researcher, Prof. Steiner also ranks among the approximately 15 percent of the most research-intensive business economists.

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