Project and Resource Management

Project and Resource Management

Learning Objectives:

In this lecture, students develop knowledge of project management techniques, basic concepts of network planning techniques, and ways to plan projects with different objectives under time and resource constraints. Students are able to distinguish between different types of resources and have the necessary methodological competence to allocate scarce resources in practical planning contexts. Students can formalize subjectively unprecedented, initially poorly structured problems as resource-constrained project planning problems by analyzing the problem structures. Furthermore, they can independently develop suitable solution procedures. Students are also able to make an economically justified selection decision between alternative problem classes and solution techniques. Working on bonus tasks in small groups provides students with the opportunity to deepen their social skills.


  • Project management
  • Network planning technique
  • Goals of project planning
  • Exact solution methods for project planning problems
  • Heuristic methods for project planning problems
  • Resource management
  • Project planning under time restrictions
  • Project planning under time and resource constraints
  • Solution methods for project planning under time and resource constraints


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