Accounting and Annual Financial Statements


Lecturer:   Prof. Dr. Inge Wulf  
Responsible scientific assistant:   Alexander Senger, M.Sc.  
Course format:   Lecture + tutorial, free learning forum  
Course catalog number:   W 6616  
Semester hours per week (SWS):   3  

Learning objectives

Students have a basic understanding of the elementary information instruments of external accounting - the balance sheet, the profit and loss account and the notes - in a national context. They know the essential accounting fields, including procurement and sales, finance and payments, fixed assets, taxes, provisions and time accruals. After completion of the module, students have action and problem-solving competence in questions of the preparation of financial statements and are able to prepare annual financial statements and to assess the informative value of annual financial statements.


A Basics of accounting
1. How accounting works

B Bookkeeping
2. Posting to balance sheet accounts (inventory accounts)
3. Equity accounts and posting to profit and loss accounts
4. Organization of the books
5. Postings in goods transactions
6. Postings in the production sector
7. Postings in the asset sector
8. Postings in the financial sector
9. Postings in preparation for the annual financial statements

C Annual financial statements under commercial law
10. basics of annual financial statements under commercial law

D Achieved learning objectives/control questions