General information

The courses listed in the table are examined in written form. The same general conditions apply to all written examinations, listed below.

Please arrive on time (15 minutes before start) at the assigned location. The language of supervision and the language of examinations correspond to the language in which the lecture was held. Supervisors can answer questions in German and English if needed. Use document-safe pens (e.g., ballpoint pens). Pencils or red pens are prohibited. Permitted tools are: a) calculator, b) ruler, c) document-proof pens, d) highlighter, e) printed or handwritten lecture notes, and f) dictionary in German-English, native English, or native German. Mobile devices with or without internet connection (e.g. cell phones, smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, notebooks, convertibles) are explicitly not counted as calculators and are accordingly prohibited.

Dates in winter term 2023/24

13.02.202408:30 amDigital Business ModelsAudimax (A1-207)
21.02.202408:30 amFührungWerner-Grübmeyer-Hörsaal (A1-144)
28.02.202411:00 amDigitales InnovationsmanagementSeminarraum I (D2-306)
28.02.202411:00 amDigitales Innovationsmanagementtbd*
08.03.202412:30 pmNew Customer Relationship ManagementAudimax (A1-207)
08.03.202402:00 pmDigital MarketingAudimax (A1-207)
20.03.202405:00 pmDigital EntrepreneurshipAudimax (A1-207)
20.03.202405:00 pmDigital Entrepreneurshiptbd*

*Digital Technologies students only