The e-mail addresses of the respective department members can be found on their respective pages (menu item Team). We try to answer all e-mails within a reasonable period of time. However, it can always happen that individual e-mails are overlooked. In this case, please send us a reminder after a few days.

E-mail guidelines

We are happy to receive e-mails. However, we are annoyed by e-mails written as short messages. Besides lacking respect for the reader, it forces us to waste our time speculating about the content. The actual content remains unclear. In order to avoid this, please consider these guidelines:

Subject: [Name of event. Your concerns (deadline, thesis, term paper, research project...)]

Salutation:Dear Mr. Greiff/Cloos,

It is not necessary to mention titles in the salutation. Hi, Hey and Hello there are inappropriate. After the salutation, there is a paragraph and a blank line before the main body begins.

Body: Explain your question or problem and mention the background information necessary for understanding. Avoid repetition and be brief.

Write complete sentences, and pay attention to spelling and grammar. An automatic spell checker can't hurt.

Conclusion: End your email with Sincerely [your name, matriculation number if applicable] or Best Regards [your name, matriculation number if applicable].