The Department of Behavioral Management & Economics was established in winter semester 2016/17. It is led by Prof. Dr. Matthias Greiff.


The research focus of our Department is placed in the fields sustainable economics, digital economics as well as personnel and organizational economics. For this, we rely on methods from the fields of behavioral and institutional economics (game theory, experimental economics, and agent-based model, in particular). The Department is also concerned with questions of the philosophy of science.

Our main research focuses are:

  • strategic decision-making problems to achieve collective sustainability goals (e. g., the collective-risk social dilemma, CRSD),
  • the functioning of reputation systems (including fake news, and the perception and processing of information),
  • the influence of emotions on the team production problem,
  • measuring social preferences,
  • endogenous social preferences and the development of social ties as well as
  • participatory pricing mechanisms (especially pay-what-you-want pricing).


Our Department – in alternation with the Operations Management Group (Prof. Dr. Schwindt) - is responsible for the lecture Introduction to Management for Scientists and Engineers. We also offer the lecture Economic Ethics  as well as seminars in the mandatory electives of the business study programs.