Research Contributions

Working papers

Publications in peer-reviewed journals

Work in Progress

  • Preferences for Redistribution, Ethnic Diversity and Discrimination, [jointly with Gianluca Grimalda, Lena Detlefsen and Christoph Schütt, (Working paper coming soon)].
  • A little uncertainty diminishes social preferences, [jointly with Ulrich Schmidt und Stefan Traub, (Working paper coming soon)].
  • Social Identity and Social Status, [jointly with Janina Kraus, (Working paper coming soon)].
  • Heterogeneity, Social Identity and the Social Contract, [jointly with Markus Tepe, (Working paper coming soon)].
  • Social identity and structural change.
  • Fake evaluations and solutions, [jointly with Philipp Krügel, Matthias Greiff and Timo Heinrich].
  • Power, veto player and the social contract, [jointly with Nicola Maaser and Stefan Traub].
  • Social identity and responsibility, [jointly with Miguel Abellan-Ossenbach and Mario Mechtel].
  • Risk behavior and non-events, [jointly with Philipp Krügel, Mey-Ling Sommer and Stefan Traub].
  • Skewness-adjusted Social Preferences: Elite-behavior.
  • Resistance to Reform and Redistribution, [jointly with Rupert Sausgruber and Stefan Traub]


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